Order Info and Shipping Policies


  1. The images we use to make prints from come from digital scans of original prints in the public domain provided by the Library of Congress. 

  2. The Library of Congress generally provides high resolution scans which we use in the reproduction process. Sometimes the scans provided are lower in resolution.

  3. We offer reproductions of high resolution scans using museum quality, Giclee, archival processes described in the document entitled "Paper, Ink and Printing" in the Resource section of this website.  The printed images will typically look similar to that of the preview images shown on each product page although our use of archival papers and inks tends to bring out the richness of the colors more.

  4. The prints you order from us are reproduction prints, not originals. They are open editions and not limited editions.

  5. Sometimes images from Library have rips, tears, holes, scratches or other artifacts which are visible on the preview images. In most cases, we will attempt to digitally repair/restore the image and remove these artifacts prior to reproduction. We do our best to "clean up" the images as appropriate and as best we are able to without compromising the essence of the subject matter in the original print/scan.



Free shipping offered on all orders over $50 within the continental United States (48 states and APO, FPO, AE, AP, AA).